90’s/2000s Fairy-Tale Type Cartoon! Please help!

I will straight up marry whoever can find this movie!! Its been over TEN YEARS

It’s an english animated movie made in the 90’s or early 2000’s. The film starts off with a prince/knight fighting a dragon, he has a comical anthropomorphic dodo bird side-kick. The princess is captured by a sorceress and forced to drink some poison out of a chalice or else the sorceress will kill the prince/knight guy. The princess sings about him and then drinks and passes out in her carriage cage thing. It’s revealed in a flashback that the sorceress turned into a bird and tried to kidnap the princess as a baby (but failed). In the end it’s happily ever after and the bird side-kick finds a female bird and falls in love last minute.

it’s very low budget movie, probably straight to dvd, or part of a collection

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