80’s/early 90’s movie about a haunted film

This was an English movie I saw on HBO or Showtime or something in possibly the mid-90s. It may have been sci-fi, or horror but it was definitely a B-movie.

It started with this film (maybe VHS or reel) that someone found and started watching. The movie within the movie was a 1940’s-style futurist sci-fi where a man in the woman are showing what life would be like in the 1990s, complete with a giant electric toothbrush apparatus. There was something about this movie that caused people to die when they watched it for some reason, but I’m actually not even 100% on that part.

I’m having a heck of time finding anything close to this through google.

3 thoughts on “80’s/early 90’s movie about a haunted film

    1. Wow. In all the searching I did on lists of 1980s sci-fi movies this was never even mentioned and posting here was a hail mary. I didn’t actually expect any answers, let alone so quickly. Thank you so much, GG. You’re amazing.

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