80’s sci-fi last man standing

In the early 90’s, I remember seeing a super cheesy action movie about people from space sent to earth (perhaps convicts) with the mission to kill one another. Every combatant was given a different weapon and a tracking device. The last man standing won his freedom. I’m pretty sure the main character had a girl with him at some point. I’m also thinking that one of the main bad guys had a ball with spikes on a chain as a weapons It was basically a very crappy pre-cursor to Battle Royale, but I remember loving it.

it was definitely a low budget, b-movie.

am I taking crazy pills?

7 thoughts on “80’s sci-fi last man standing

  1. I seen a lot of these movies and i really cant place it right now unless your details are off. Are there vehicles in this? Guns? Lazers? Anything that they are wearing may help if you can recall.

  2. I don’t think there are lazers. I was about 9 when I saw it, and that was in the early 90’s, so my memory is shoddy about it at best.

    I do vividly remember the participants, who I believe we’re prisoners for some reason, were sent from a space ship. They each had low budget looking tracking devices so they knew when the other killers were close (like portable Ataris).

    I remember it took place in the city and the Forrest as well.

    They also wore leather based outfits I believe.

    Hope that helps.

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