80’s or 90’s tv show or movie

I’m 30 and I think I viewed this sometime in the late 80’s or early 90’s, but it may not have been a new movie. All I can remember about this movie/TV show is that some people were on a quest( maybe with some magical creatures they befriended) and they all fall asleep on a boat on their journey. When they wake up, they are coming out of a dark tunnel and it’s really foggy…and that’s literally all I can remember. We watched a lot of old Disney movies (like The Witching of Ben Wagner, and The Child of Glass) and also random kid movies that people my age have never even heard of (The Worst Witch, The Hugga Bunch, Wee Sing videos etc.) It might not even be a children’s movie/show…I might have been watching something with my parents for all I know. But I feel like it was something my siblings and I watched a few times, like it was a favorite or something. Please respond if any of this sounds familiar to you. Thanks!

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