80’s horror movie

I got another one for you guys…this one comes from my Aunt.

She said she saw it some time in the 80’s, most likely mid-80’s

It was in Color, and in English.

The film was about a group of college kids who go out to this island to stay with a friend. One by one they all start dying…well, she said she thinks they’re all murdered, but she remembers one of them falling off a boat and getting killed by the propellers. She also remembers one of them being found dead in a well and she said it was a scary scene because someone goes down in the well to get the body and almost gets stuck. She doesn’t remember the ending very well, but said she thinks one of the friends is orchestrating all the killings.

5 thoughts on “80’s horror movie

  1. I remember part of a black & white movie around 1978, sounded exactly as you described with the dead person in the well. Been trying to figure this movie out for years.

  2. Ah yes! Livinghead, I have confirmed it with my Aunt and April Fools Day is the film she was looking for. Thanks very much 🙂

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