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Hi everyone. I saw this movie when I was about 6 or 7 sometime around 1987 or ’86 ,it looked like anime. From what I vaguely remember it was about a kid not sure if it was a boy or girl traveling with a little horse that was either wood or robotic and it hovered or floated? The movie looked dark and somewhat bleak I believe black and white and they were followed by these big blocky robot like creatures who seemed like they were in a trance marching. There was also an old witch/lady who turns people into wood creatures and in the end she turns into a wooden doll. The world they lived in was idk I guess sort of post apocolyptic. It’s not Unico or The Last Unicorn. I have been searching everywhere for this movie and cannot find it if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it!

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  1. I know you don’t think it is it, but the “big blocky robot like creatures” are most probably from:

    Unico in the Island of Magic (1983) – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086515/

    It is very common for people to mix the plots of two movies together in their memories, especially ones from their childhood.

  2. I’m gonna back up Cotopaxi on this. Sounds like one of the two Unico movies I remember. People were turned into “living puppets” or something like that. Villain became a wooden doll once defeated by Unico’s kindness.

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