80’s-90’s horror movie ghoul school

This movie that i watched when i was like 10. I only remember parts. There’s like this ghoul or ghost or i dont know what she is but she’s like obsessed with this living boy. and there’s this scene where she’s on the news and she says ¬†something like “i want everyone to know that i love –” and the guy is just like what the hell. then there’s this one where some guy or girl is dreaming that some guy is about to kick a football and suddenly a hand pops up and grabs his foot, and i think he gets killed i dont remember. The person wakes up not realizing what he just saw in his dream was actually happening and someone knocks on the door and its the ghoul girl thing and she kills him. Then at the school it’s like prom night and and there’s this nerd that sees the ghoul girl and she’s like leading him into some room, and she kills him. and meanwhile in the gym or cafeteria or whatever, the ghoul girl kidnaps the guy she’s in love with and she makes like this portal on the floor on stage and she jumps with him through, and the guy’s girlfriend follows. she ends up in this like dusty, dark hallway of lockers. and she starts going around trying to find her boyfriend and she discovers its her exact same school except in a dark, dead way. there’s all these like zombies students, and theyre at prom too and the ghoul girl is like sitting on this throne, and she has the guy she likes on like a throne too and she’s going to make him prom king, but the crown has a drill in it, which im asuming was so he could die and be with her forever. he manages to escape with his girlfriend, and they get into this like “magical” car that transports them into another time, which they assume is their own. and they stop at like a cafe and he gets off to use the phone booth and he says ” hey — do you have 5 cents?” and the girlfriend is confused, and then the ghoul girl pops out from the back seat and she stabs the girlfriend. and i think the car dissapears, and he starts cussing out to the sky , cussing out the ghost girl. and thats all i remember , please help ive been looking for this movie forever!

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