70s/80s Horror Film, Family Demonic Possession/Haunted House

Okay, I saw this movie a while back with my awesome movie buff cousin. The plot was fairly simple, there is a family that moves into a cheap/old house that reeks of the supernatural. There is a demon possessing members of the family. I only remember a few scenes, but one in particular was that the daughter in the family becomes possessed and seduces her brother. Also, there is a scene in the basement/cellar were there is just amazingly atrocious claymation. I think it was of hands and other body parts moving around. In the end, I maybe wrong, someone from the family dies in the house. The family is being loaded into a car or something with the priest or cop glancing reflectively at the white ominous house. It was in English and I believe it was more 80s era. The sister and brother had brown hair. Thank you. This maybe a classic and I am just uncultured, but I have not been able to remember the name. Thank you!

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  1. I haven’t seen them, but I know that the Amityville Horror movies are supposed to nvolve demonic possession of members of a family moving into a new house. I think Amityville II has the brother-sister thing as well, so perhaps that could be the one?

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