70’s TV Movie with Witches

I’ve been trying to remember this 70s TV movie about modern day witches, but I don’t think the details I remember would find results.

I’m guessing it takes place in modern day Salem, but certainly North East.

The movie is sort of like Rosemay’s baby where lots of normal looking people happen to also practice witch craft.  A young couple moves to the area and are suspicious of the behavior of local people.   In the end the wife is forced to give up the soul of her husband. They force her by laying a door over her and placing large stones on top until the weight is so strong it begins to crush her.  She eventually gives in and gives them her wedding ring, which is apparently what is needed to surrender his soul.

They let her go, she never sees her husband again. Then in the closing seen she is walking her baby in a stroller.  A police officer, I think on horse back stops to chat with her.  He notices a bow on the baby’s stroller is undone, and reties the bow.  The way he ties the bow is apparently unusual, and is something she only saw her husband do.  So, she wonder’s if her husband’s soul is now in the police officer or something along that line.

That’s about all I remember, but the torture seen with the door and stones has haunted me since I was a child.


3 thoughts on “70’s TV Movie with Witches

  1. That’s it!!! Man, that was fast.
    Looking at the IMDB pics, the first photo is the wife under the door about to take her ring off. I will enjoy watching this again as an adult. This movie really bothered me as a child.

    Marked this one solved.

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