70’s 80’s movie

when I was I little girl I saw this movie about a nerdy girl. she had glasses and she was very skinny but pretty. I think it takes place in California cause I remember people skating. anyways she gets bullied by girls and boys from her high school. one day she gets chased by a group of girls and she goes inside this house, now I can’t remember if it’s he house or someone else. but she goes inside either a mirror or a hidden place in the house and ends up in a world inside earth where she meets a guy (very good looking guy by the way lol) and there are people that looks just like us but they are different in a way. I remember a scene where he takes her to get something to eat but these people eat earthworms. anyways she ends up getting chased by a group of people that knows she’s not from that world. so the guy spends the entire movie helping her to get back home. a the end she comes back but she looks different. very sexy looking with no glasses and she sees the guy and she runs to him and they ended up falling in love.

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