rapelling, then falling from a skyscraper during a heist.

I remember this early 1980’s movie where (I think this all happens in the beginning) there’s a heist underway and for the characters’ escape they have to rappel off the top of a tall building.  One character makes it down the whole way, the harness is returned to the top, and the second guy starts down.  Problem is, the cable gets stuck and this guy’s stuck high up on the outside of the building.  To make it even worse, the authorities have arrived and have started to winch him back up.  Not wanting to spend time in prison he says something in Spanish or Portuguese (some subtitles here), and releases his harness to begin the long fall to his death. SPLAT.  So what movie is this?  Anyone?  Thanks!

One thought on “rapelling, then falling from a skyscraper during a heist.

  1. I got you, bro. This scene is from the end of 1981’s Green Ice, starring Ryan O’Neal and Omar Sharif. A great flick and an early 80s tame crime classic…

    “Meno Sebastiano Argente…”

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