6 People on a yatch 70’s thriller

I have vague memories of watching this movie about ten years ago (2008) From my best memories it was from the 70s in color, I think there were a few recognizable 70s faces. About 6 people girls and guys mixed go on a little yatching trip. Some gors missing or dies mysteriously and people get paranoid. They anchor the yatch and go ashore where there is some sort of old temple or cave with nuns of some sort inside. Thats really all i can remember.

please help

5 thoughts on “6 People on a yatch 70’s thriller

    1. Wow this movie is incredibly similar to the one I described. After watching the whole thing I am convinced this is not the movie I am think of. There were definitely at least 6 youngish people spending a decent amount of the movie on a yatch. And at some point in the movie some people become suspicious of the others with them, before the discovering the cave with the priest/nuns.

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