50s/60s Sci Fi where people crushed by doors on ship/base?

Another movie I vaguely remember from my childhood (which I would likely have seen in the early 60s on TV) had a group of people on either a spaceship or a base somewhere in space, as bad things were happening.  I’m not sure if the bad things were being caused by a person, or by a computer running the ship/base, or something else, but I have memories of the people trying to escape and several of them in different scenes caught and crushed by sliding doors either coming down on top of them or from the side…not sure which…as they moved through the ship/base.  I seem to recall this because as a door would come down across one of them laying on their back or something, blood would come out of their mouths as they were crushed, which was quite graphic for me at that age.  I’ve never seen the movie since, in spite of watching lots of old movies and sci fi movies, so I’m not even sure if I’m really remembering this clearly.  I appreciate any help you might have, thanks.

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