2000s Animated Christmas movie in the arctic

Ok so I probably saw this movie sometime between 2008 and 2012, though it could have been later. Definitely before 2016. It was an animated Christmas movie in English that I probably saw on a teletoon or cartoon network or something like that. I’m from Canada, not sure if that will make a difference. From what I remember there was a little orphaned boy, maybe blonde, who was in the Arctic or somewhere snowy and cold. I think he was looking for some kind of Christmas miracle or magic thing to find his family. There was an Inuit girl who was helping him. She had a sled dog companion who I seem to remember tragically dying while rescuing him. I also feel like the kid was kind of annoying about being an orphan and the Inuit girl giving him a bit of sass or something telling him his life wasn’t so bad.  Anyways that is all I can remember. Someone, please tell me this wasn’t some fever dream because I remember being traumatized when the dog died.

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