2 sisters on the run possible aliens

This is driving me crazy.. It had to be in the 80s. It was about 2 sisters.. one older and one younger. I think they were aliens on the run trying to get back to their ship to get home. They had similar hair if I remember correctly and a streak of blonde or white in it… The older sister had dark eyes. I think there was also a boy she was in love with.. a human boy.. and I think there was a cabin they went to with an “elder” or something.. I think they ended up staying on earth though.

2 thoughts on “2 sisters on the run possible aliens

  1. Sounds a lot like the original Escape to Witch Mountain, or its sequel Return to Witch Mountain. Alien relative dies shortly into the film, and young brother and sister are left to get to the rendezvous by themselves, befriending an old man in an RV. At some point (in the sequel I believe) they make friends with human children while they are captive.

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