2 Homoerotic Movies(?) That End In a Nighttime Attempt to Bury Someone Alive

So, I remember very little.

All I remember is having watched something (a movie?) where at there is a scene near the end where some guy (and in one of the movies it’s a guy + another guy who’s more reluctant/hesitant in helping) is using a shovel to bury alive some unconscious guy.

Bare in mind it’s possible that both of these movies are one and the same thing (that it’s really just one movie). And that some of the details I provide may be completely wrong.

In at least one of the movies, this is all very homoerotic/maybe the movie was gay themed (more than just homoerotic- actually gay)/was a metaphor for wanting to repress homosexual attractions (and the guy being buried alive was gay/obviously attracted to his “straight” (best) friend who is now lashing out after becoming aware of having feelings as well).

In at least one of the movies, it doesn’t really go according to plan/the unconscious guy wakes up (and fights back?). I think all the characters involved in the movie(s) are main characters (not random extra characters).

Really, I just need a list of movies where near the end some guy is being buried alive out in the forest/beach.

I think one was an Asian film and the other had caucasian characters (can I call that a caucasian film?).

If somebody figures this out they must become president.

5 thoughts on “2 Homoerotic Movies(?) That End In a Nighttime Attempt to Bury Someone Alive

    1. Yeah I totally forgot that’s how No Regret ended…

      But I really think there was two films- there was another one- with caucasian characters.

      Someone please try to figure out the second film (what are other films that have somewhere nearish the end a guy (or two guys) trying to bury alive another guy)?

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