1990’s movie, teens camping in the back yard

I watched this movie in the 90’s and I think it may have been on lifetime but I am not 100% sure.

from what I remember it was a group of teens/pre-teens (boys and girls) that had a sleepover in the backyard. I think it was a treehouse they were sleeping in. When they woke up the next day one of the kids was dead (I think a boy) from either a stab wound or a gunshot wound.

At some point I think they talked about someone coming in the gate to do so. I cannot find the movie by googling, all I get are real life crimes or Freddy Krueger movies and I know it’s not those. It’s been driving me nuts for years

One thought on “1990’s movie, teens camping in the back yard

  1. It sounds like Moment of Truth: Murder or Memory (1994), though it’s a girl who is killed. It’s on Youtube:

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