1980s TV show

Please help me remember a TV show shown in the 1980s (UK).

There was a caretaker and his wife/girlfriend who were at a small country school during the holidays. I can’t remember anything of the story except that they keep hearing wood chopping noises coming from a lake nearby.  At the end the husband and wife are getting a little frisky in the school cloakroom and he ties her wrists up onto the cloakroom pegs. He hears the chopping noises again and runs down to the lake to see what it is, out onto a jetty which then collapses and he falls in the water. The chopping noises were someone chopping away at the legs of the jetty so it would collapse intentionally.  Back in the cloakroom his wife is shouting for her husband who has just fallen into the lake but in the doorway appears a girl who I think is a pupil who the guy was having an affair with. She’s holding a scythe,then walks towards the tied up woman and that’s where it ends.

I thought it was a Tales of the Unexpected episode but cannot find it.  Can anyone remember this?

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