1980,s prostitute movie

A video I had from the 1980,s set in large city unsure where uk or USA, full colour…prostitute has long blond hair, she occasionally speaks to the viewer shes telling her story.  As she tells it she sees clients all outside never indoors…..car parks etc! No porn its not graphic or blue.She has a  small rose tatoo on upper breast that she thought  was cos pimp loves s her…but he brands all girls the same.  she wears shiny rubber skirt that unzips and ankle socks with brown flat shoes.  The film is humerous but droll and dark.  The pimp, a client, a black man, are the maincharacters….it ends up a full circle story…..a client has a stroke…I think it’s one long word for the title….possibly it is quirky,  possibly uk.

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