FRENCH love film summer of 94/95 on c4

Hi id appreciate your help as google has not been able to 😉

i remember watching this movie over the summer around 1995/ possibly 96 when c4 had a late night international film season.  I think it was french and involved the story of a young couple who were in a relationship but the girl did not want to sleep with guy before marriage.  The guy goes away to work (I think), i dont remember all the detail but ends up staying with this older lady who seduces him/ sleeps with him/teaches him the art of making love.  The young couple do eventually sleep together when the girl i think in a bid to keep the guy does this, however he cant forget the woman he had been with.  In the end scene i am not sure if the girl/ or maybe the guy is sitting on a park bench and commits suicide by slitting themselves.

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