[1980s-early 1990s] – WWII erotic movie

I’m looking for what must be a fairly obscure (an awful lot of googling has resulted in nothing) WWII movie likely produced in the 1980s to early 1990s (1993 at the latest). I saw it in Spanish, but it was likely dubbed. Could have been originally German but I’m not certain the country of origin, other than it was European or North American. Saw it ~26 years ago.

Details/Scenes I remember:

-Heavily erotically charged, but not pornographic.

-Movie begins with an older man running in a field and gets beat up by hooligans.

-Movie deals with coming of age of a young man.

-Young man buys his mother a mother’s day present and she chastises him for spending so much money.

-Mother character above later prostitutes herself.

-Young man meets a man at a bar who pimps out his wife.

-Recurring theme that the young man encounters sexual situations but doesn’t participate.

-Young man eventually confronts his mother, telling her she only cares about money.

-Don’t remember the end, or other present themes.

-Fairly good production quality.

-Pretty sure the movie takes place in Germany during the later part of WWII. Might have been occupied France.

It’s definitely not “Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS”, “Salon Kitty”, or “Nazi Love Camp 27”. There are no concentration camp scenes, and as far as I can tell it’s not one of the famous exploitation films. Additionally, in my memory, the movie was not nearly as exploitive as those, but a serious drama. But this could be a warped impression due to time.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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