1980s cartoon with people turning into statues or a wall or something like that

So I have very vivid memories of a scene from a cartoon that scared the crap out of me. Seen on TV, must have been 1987 or so, animated, color, English (though possibly imported Anime that was dubbed into English).

Anyway, during the last scene, people are turning into plastic versions of themselves and it’s up to the main character, who is a child, along with his or her animal friend, to stop this and make everyone human again. S/he does and it’s a happy ending– but it was still enough to scare me a lot as a ~6 year-old.

Thoughts? Thank you!


6 thoughts on “1980s cartoon with people turning into statues or a wall or something like that

  1. I know it’s a bit of stretch but this reminds me of The Nutcracker Prince (1990). There’s a scene towards the 1:03:45 mark in the Youtube link below that seems very similar to what you describe but minus the animal friend.


    Doubt this is it but thought it might be worth a shot. Hope this helps.

  2. You’re welcome. I’m going to give this one more go and say it might be ‘Unico in the Island of Magic’ (1983). There’s a clip very similar to your description in the YouTube link below.

    1. Omigod I think this is it! I’m mostly remembering the last scene which isn’t in this clip, but the animation and the characters look like what I remember. It was probably shown on cable TV for a few years after the movie came out. Amazing solve– thanks again!

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