1960s TV – possibly spy?

All i can remember is the title/credit sequence. It was made up of  numerous images in a sort of mosaic. For some reason I thought one image was a naked woman wearing only whipped cream, and as I was little (about 7 or 8) this seemed very naughty! It still seems naughty ie unlikely so I want to resolve whether I really saw this naked woman. But unless I know the name of the show I’m stuck!

One thought on “1960s TV – possibly spy?

  1. Hi luluinberlin, I vividly remember watching this show with my great gam-gam
    in the hospital after her triple bypass heart surgery. I think you are referring to the show DANGER MAN (1960-1968). The opening sequence showed a young boy opening the fridge to get whipped cream but his mom spanked him for disobeying their rule of no sugar after 6 p.m. The naked woman came later when it showed the main protagonist spying on her as she ate the confiscated whipped cream. Hope this helps!

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