10+ year old memory


Okay this might not be much but this is all i can remember from the movie, so it might be weird

  1. its a foreign movie not sure which one but my guess is italian or french, i dont know
  2. The story is about the boy and his brother is a muscle head workouts a lot and he shows off his muscle. There was a scene he gotten his noise broken by a skinny man and the brother started crying oh yeah when he eats he puts the bottle or glass of milk on his bicep.
  3. Here where it gets weird, the boy and his friend started to feel up this fat prostate and another scene they both strap down a cat on the table and molested it, not joking or making this up
  4. There a girl i believe it his cousin or a girl staying over not sure but he likes her. He peep on her taking a bath from a window from the top. His fat uncle or some guy got into the tub and told get to rub his feet. After she left, he was made so he tried to strangle him by lowering a wire around his neck but fail. the boy was also wearing goggles which were i believe motorcycle ones

This is all i can remember, been trying to find this movie for years and I hope you guys can help, thanks

4 thoughts on “10+ year old memory

    1. Thank you so much and i had a feeling it was that but I keep remembering Louis for some reason. Again thank you 🙂

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