Your fear appears–post again

Posting this again in hopes of anyone knowing this movie

I saw this horror film in the summer of 2007 I believe the movie came out around (2004-2007) and it was an American movie in color. I rented this from Blockbuster so I know for sure it isn’t an episode of a tv show.

I can’t recall any of the actors in the movie, I wanna say they aren’t well known or they weren’t well known at the time.

I’m a little bit foggy on the details so hopefully someone knows what i’m talking about.

What I remember about the movie goes like this:

It was about a teenage boy and a couple of his friends I want to say it was 2 guys and a girl. They spend the night at a friends house and they played video games for most of the night at some point they either find a book, movie, or game and start messing with it. Whatever it was that they messed with started making whatever they are afraid of appear in the house.

I think the girl (I believe she was blonde) was afraid of the dark and so the lights went out. They all got separated at some point and their fears would only appear to them, so no one else would see what they saw.

One thing I vividly remember about the movie was the boy that had the sleepover was afraid of dogs and three dogs began chasing him and he ran into the basement. I think towards the end of the movie they got rid of their fears by yelling at their fears saying it’s not real.

Any ideas?

5 thoughts on “Your fear appears–post again

    1. Oops, should have added that it isn’t House of Fears. That keeps coming up when I Google anything about the movie I’m looking for.

  1. After reading the plot on Wikipedia House of Fears might actually be the movie. The trailer doesn’t seem familiar to me at all though.

  2. The details you cite about the dogs and the darkness, both of which feature in scenes in HOF, make me fairly certain that it is your mystery movie.

  3. Some of the details match GG but watching clips on Youtube nothing about the movie seems familiar. I am certain the house they were in belonged to one of the kids and it wasn’t a haunted house unless I’m confusing it with another movie then I need to figure out what movie that one is lol!

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