What is this movie called?

So I remember this movie I watched when I was younger. I watched this movie in the early 2000s but it could have been from the 80s or 90s. I think this movie could have been a Christmas movie but I could be wrong. I remember this specific scene where there is this little girl but it’s almost like a dream sequence. The tone and mood of the scene is similar to the “Drop dead fred” dream part. Anyways, in the faint memory of the scene I remember is the little girl is being watch out of a glass cabinet by maybe an elf or just a magic guy who use to be her friend but shes growing up. In the scene she might be opening the cabinet but I’m not sure. The scene is very emotional and has blue color tones all around giving it almost a dark icy feel. I also think the girl might be a ballerina but I could also be wrong about that. I watched this movie on tv by the way, and I still cant shake this feeling that it was a Christmas movie.

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