Vague Memory of a Film I saw as a Young Child

I saw a movie when I was very very young, so this would’ve been around the early 2000’s or so (It’s possible the movie was older) on television. I only have a slight memory of it so I can only remember one scene which involves a man sneaking around in a bedroom naked or near to naked holding a bunch of yarn when a woman comes in and spots him. I can remember there was a shot between her legs at the man as he drops the yarn he was holding. Other than that I unfortunately don’t remember much else, any ideas?

3 thoughts on “Vague Memory of a Film I saw as a Young Child

    1. ah yes that’s it, the details of it must’ve gotten a little mixed up with time but this is certainly it. I had this movie on vhs too so it only makes sense. thank you for the help!

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