The Cursed Owl Lets a Girl Live in a Tree and Together they defeat a Witch

I remember watching this movie in the 90’s, it was in color and had three short stories, all animated cartoons. It was in English but it could have been dubbed. Not sure if it was a TV show, but I feel like it was a VHS tape movie.

The first story I remember best. It’s about a girl who gets chased into the forest and finds a magic tree with the help of an owl. Each new day the owl brings a gift to the girl but tells her that she can’t follow him at night. Well one night she follows him, with some danger, and finds out that he is being controlled by a blue witch. Together they decide to free him. To do so, the girl has to sneak into the giant house of the witch and if at any point she screams she will fail. Goblins and such try to scare her and eventually she gets caught. But she manages to keep her cool and destroy some kind of magical mirror box thingy and save the day. And it turns out that the owl is really a human prince.

I think the second story is about a dance, where a bunch of people are lured. But they end up dancing with goblins/demons underground somewhere at night time.

The third story is about three soldiers summoning Beelzebub by calling his name, which doesn’t end well for the soldiers. They get captured but are rescued by a drummer boy who manages to solve Beelzebub’s riddle.

If anyone can tell what this cartoon is, I would greatly appreciate it. All my efforts to find it have proven fruitless.

6 thoughts on “The Cursed Owl Lets a Girl Live in a Tree and Together they defeat a Witch

  1. Grimm Brothers’ Scary Fairy Tales (1990)

    Pretty hard to find VHS release. Read the first review on Amazon for the detailed descriptions that match your (well remembered) comments.

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