50’s horror movie that spooked my dad

So my brothers and I were talking about various horror movies we love at a family lunch, and my dad said he’s hated horror movies since he was about 6.  Apparently his sister took him to a movie (this would have been probably 1958-1960, he wasn’t sure, which is fair considering how long ago heh), and what he remembers is that a house was being attacked/invaded, and that the kids ran from the house, and one of the kids (a boy) ran out into the woods and hugged onto a tree out of fear, and then one of the invaders caught up to him and chopped his hand off.  So tl;dr 1958-196oish boy gets hand chopped off near tree?  Thanks in advance!

3 thoughts on “50’s horror movie that spooked my dad

  1. The tree hugging and hand being chopped off sounds like”Blood and Lace” which came out in ’70 or ’71.

  2. Sorry, me again. I pulled the movie up on youtube and the scene is 15 min. into the movie. You can watch the whole movie on there. It is labelled as a trailer but is complete. This is not to be confused with”Blood and Black Lace”(1964), that is a different one.

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