Obscure Vampire Movie (late 80s?)

Trying to track down the name of an obscure (and slightly campy) vampire movie I saw back around 1993.  I believe it was an indie film, but I’m not sure about that. I found it at my local video rental store. The vampire was a male with long blonde hair (had kind of a 1980’s rock star look).

Two scenes I can recall: The vampire is confronted by another guy who pulls out a crucifix to protect himself. The vampire grabs the crucifix and says “Don’t believe everything you read” and then bops the guy in the forehead with it.

The final scene is the vampire violently dying by being staked through the neck. I think it was a girl that ends up killing him.

I’ve been all over Google trying to track down the name of this film with no luck. Hoping someone on this forum remembers it. Anyone?

6 thoughts on “Obscure Vampire Movie (late 80s?)

  1. Midnight Kiss. That’s it! Awesome. Thanks Livinghead! I couldn’t recall the title and it was making me crazy. (Also, Thanks for the video link!)

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