Movie about an insect swarm?

I don’t remember much except this…

it was in colour

i think it was pre-2000, it had the colouring and feel of a 70’s or 80’s movie?

there were people trapped in a building of some kind (i was sure it was a courthouse but could be wrong?) and the insects were getting in through the air vents on the roof?

i was so sure it was locusts or crickets but can’t find it *headdesk* definitely not bees tho, i’m sure of that!

Help me find it again please! I really want to watch it again???

18 thoughts on “Movie about an insect swarm?

      1. *LOL* no worries, reason I know that is because I was actually watching The Swarm when I remember the other movie 😀

    1. I think I can be pretty firm in saying it wasn’t a cockroach movie (they scare the bejeebez out of me so I wouldn’t willingly watch a roach movie *eek*) but thanks for the suggestion, always appreciated.

    1. That was a very strange movie (but it could just have been because I watched the MST3K version *LOL* but no, sorry, that’s not it)

    1. Another great movie! Just watched that recently as well (so no, not it)…I’m really loving all the suggestions so far, I just wish I could track the movie down to watch again *sigh*

    1. Wow, that is one freaky bizarre looking movie *LOLs* but no, unfortunately that’s not it either *sigh* I’m starting to think I must have imagined it 🙁

      I wonder if it might have been a tv episode or something? *ponders* will have to search around, just in case?

  1. I really can’t say if this is it because I’ve never seen the episode and can’t find it anywhere.

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