Lifetime movies where Wives killed their husbands

Two Movies: First One: A woman’s husband was having an affair, One Day she saw her husband at a hotel with his mistress and she tore the woman’s clothes and her daughter told her father that she hated him and then she went in her car and run him over with it and she was sent to prison. It’s either she got a long sentence or Life in prison.     [SOLVED: ”Suburban Madness” (2004)

Second One: Movie where a woman paid I think two men to kill her husband, when he reached home and was about to go in the house, (Maybe because of domestic abuse) There’s a part in it where her son visited her and asked her why she didn’t do it herself because maybe she would walk, I think her son was about five or so when his father was killed and he was sleeping in his room while his mother was in her room, I think she got life or a very long sentence, when her son visited her hair was grey.

9 thoughts on “Lifetime movies where Wives killed their husbands

      1. Do u have any ideas for the other one? where the woman paid about two men ( think one of them was her relative ) to kill her husband/boyfriend, she had a son

        1. Thank you Tracy. The 2nd one sounds eerily familiar, maybe it’s based on a true crime as well. I don’t know it, though.

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