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Users can chat here about (almost) any topic that catches their fancy. Common sense applies: no spam, obscenity, hate speech, or defamation will be tolerated, and please observe rules of common courtesy. If remember a movie you want to know the name of, make an official post. Other than that go wild!

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    1. Oh how do I do that? Please help me. My first post was from a while back and I have a hard time finding it. Thank you!

  1. Funkbob named my movie for me, couldn’t see a way to mark my post as solved though. Cheers though Funkbob, and cheers for this site, saved my sanity !!!

    1. Commenting in the post is the right way to anounce it’s solved, I just hadn’t gotten around to marking it yet. Thanks for letting us know!

        1. We often solve TV shows here, but usually when the poster is unsure whether what they saw was on TV or a movie. You could do a TV post here but specify that’s what you’re looking for in your post. Of course, someone may also suggest a site more targeted to TV for you.

  2. so in this movie we follow a guy in his twenties whi is after a very hard breakup (i think!), and all through the movie he is waiting for his ex to call him and checks his voice recorder if he got any new message. In the end he gets inti dancing and finds a new girl there, so he dosent care about his ex anymore, at which point she makes contact again but he couldnt care less now 🙂

  3. Since you can’t edit a post once it’s been posted, if you come up with more details or remember more memories for the film you’ve already made a post about on this website, would it be better (help me get answers) to make a new post, or to simply add these under in the comments?

    1. It’s up to you. I think it would depend on how old the post is. If it’s fresh and people are commenting on it, then add comments. If it’s an old post that’s fallen off the first page, then maybe start a new one.

  4. I really want to find this movie. I think it’s from the 90s and maybe a teen movie. One seven is where this guy and girl are walking by the beach holding a surf board. They then put it in the trash. On the surf board it says Blue Bunny. If you want an actual visualization of this scene, look up Jay Versace on YouTube and watch his recent video with the Rice Krispies. It’s in the intro.

  5. Hey, I just tried to submit my first movie question, but I don’t know if maybe it signed me out while I was typing it. Does it show up on my profile page immediately, or if/when the mods approve it?

    1. I don’t see a submission from you, unless you used another name. Try again and we’ll approve it in the morning.

    1. William,

      Not from your side, I don’t think. I can tell you nothing has been previously submitted under the email you’re using now.

  6. I know this site is for movies… but would it hurt anything if I asked about an old PC game from the mid 90s that I can not remember?

  7. In the beginning of the movie a boy help a women deliver her baby after releasing the umbilical cord from around the baby’s neck.

    He fall in love with her when there grownup

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