Desert lesbian fight

  • I asked this on 366weirdmovies, but nobody was able to figure it out. I think i saw this on tv in 2013-14 (but it could be older)
  • it’s about lesbians fighting in a (maybe post-apocalyptic) desert. I only saw one scene, where this girl beats up a 2nd girl and a 3rd one is scared of her.
  • After the 2nd one passes out, the 1st one says “fight me!” And the 3rd one says “i can’t fight i’m too weak!” so the 1st one says “if you wont fight, then we f–k!” And that’s when my dad changed the channel XD
  • if it helps, one of the girls (the one that passed out) looked like Jennifer Lopez, but I don’t know if it’s really her or not.

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