A woman trying to find out a guy’s secret/fetish

I saw only this scene, on YouTube or Vimeo a long time ago, it looked like an excerpt from a movie, they are in a bedroom, a woman and a guy (wich is tied to a chair), she for some reason needs to find out what is his “secret” or what turns him on, she said that she tried every kind of fetish and weird stuff but nothing worked, at an last attempt she start to talk to him about kids in a playground and then the gets excited, so her mission is “completed” and she takes a briefcase and leave.

3 thoughts on “A woman trying to find out a guy’s secret/fetish

  1. Nymphomaniac, part 2 I believe. She is trying to find dirt on the guy for some criminal. It’s a great movie and series. The sex scenes are explicit but very much appropriate for the material that the movie is trying to cover. Here is the scene you are looking for


    1. I can’t express my gratitude enough for this, thank you very much, it’s exactly this scene, I’ve tinkering it for months, thank you.

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