Young Teen Movie, Girl Finds a Ring

Ok, so I really don’t remember much from this movie, but hopefully it’s enough for someone to know and help me! I’ve been going crazy!

It’s kind of a mystery movie. Saw it when I was younger. It was made between early 2000s-mid 2000s…we rented it back when Blockbuster was still around. It wasn’t the best movie but it still is driving me nuts not knowing the name!

Pretty sure it followed young teens, and they heard a story for an elderly woman (maybe one of the characters grandmas). The story was based around a woman losing a piece of jewelry in the woods (pretty sure it was a ring?). I can’t remember much of the story after that. But the end of the movie shows one of the teens finding the ring in the woods and realizing the story was about the grandma all along.

Thanks in advance!

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