WWII movie, headshot wound

All I can remember from this morning older war movie is a scene where two soldiers are driving around in a jeep. The guy sitting in the passenger seat has been shot in the head and is unconscious, and looks to be dead. The driver won’t let him go. The driver has been trying desperately to find a medic tent. He asks for directions from passing soldiers and finally finds the place. There is a worn out surgeon there who just finished an operation. The jeep driver hassles the surgeon to take a look at his comrade, the headshot victim. The surgeon takes a quick look and tells the driver his friend is dead. The driver pulls a gun on the surgeon and makes him take a closer look. The surgeon finds that the headshot victim is still alive. They rush the wounded man into surgery and save his life. Thats all I can remember. I am pretty sure the movie was in color, but still somewhat old. And I think it was WWII because they were Americans, and it wasn’t in the jungles of Vietnam or even in Japan. Europe in WWII, I’m pretty sure. The driver also wore a beanie or a helmet and smoked a lot. After seeing 1917 the other day this scene came flooding back to me and I would love an answer. Thanks.

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