so, I saw this movie years ago, I believe it was either in 2012 or 2013 (maybe 2011) I don’t remember all of it but I vaguely remember various scenes. I think it was British, but I’m not sure. But I remember the plot being about this group of friends (females) I believe there were 5, but again, not positive, and they went on this vacation together. I remember a scene where someone took a picture of all of them together and I vaguely remember at the beginning and end of the movie one of the girls was walking alone on a boardwalk thing and I don’t know if this happened or not but I remember her saying “there were 5 of us” and I remember there was this guy that they met and one of the girls got drugs from him. I remember them agreeing to have “one night with no regrets” and they all went out and a blonde one had sex with a guy in a bathroom and the black girl was talking to this guy at a party or something about how she got into this music college for playing piano or something but she actually didn’t and then I remember there was a twist and one of the girls went and killed the other ones. I remember the black girl was asleep in a room and the girl used heat or something and killed the black girl like that and the guy that the black girl was talking to at the party tried to go see her and the girl killed another one of the girls by pushing her off a bridge or balcony or something and I remember the ending being where they had all met online and that vacation was their first time meeting in real life or something. I just really wanna know what it’s called, it’s been bothering me forever, I saw it alone on Netflix at like 3 am.

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