What is this movie?

It is a movie from the 80’s, whose name is something like “the unexpected gift”, “an unexpected gift”, “an unwanted gift”; I don’t remember exactly the truth. What little I remember of the plot is that a man goes on a trip (I think for work) leaving his family at home and when he comes back they are all dead. And at the end it is supposedly discovered that he himself killed them, as if he has two personalities: one good and one bad.
Did anyone see or know what movie it is? Thank you very much for answering.

One thought on “What is this movie?

  1. That sounds like it might be loosely based on the story of the Bloomington, IL Hendricks family murders. The father, David, was eventually exonerated. I think it’s been featured on some documentary type TV shows, including “ID Presents: Homicide” but I don’t know of any movies based on it.

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