Weird killer, dentist, lift murder scene??

American film, I saw this some time in the last 2 years on TV.

The scene I remember most is a lift scene. I will explain this later, but the film is something like:

A man (white, 30s-40s, typical average man who lives an unfulfilling life, lets call him “BORING MAN”) early on in the film meets another man, (white, 40s-50s, enigmatic, almost creepy, lets call him “WEIRD MAN”). I can’t remember how they meet but the BORING MAN dislikes someone, I vaguely recall that the man he dislikes is bullying him at work or something (not sure on this). The WEIRD MAN is like (not an exact quote) “oh I can sort that out for you”, the BORING MAN hesitates like (wtf do you mean weirdo?) Anyway the man who the boring man dislikes is killed (I can’t remember if this was shown on-screen or not). The BORING MAN is shocked to find out and then confronts the WEIRD MAN “what did you do??!!” (not exact quote), the WEIRD MAN responds (again, not exact quotes) “you said you didn’t like him.”

Then I go blank, but later in the film BORING MAN sees WEIRD MAN again at a sort of fancy hotel bar, he’s there to receive an award from his work for something like “employee/salesman of the year”. BORING MAN is talking to a random attractive woman when he then spots WEIRD MAN (who is with another man and woman) and decides to go over to talk to him. (At this point in the film they haven’t seen each other for a while).

The WEIRD MAN pretends to not know him. He claims to be a dentist. I do recall a scene in which WEIRD MAN is in fact seen working as a dentist, but I can’t remember at what point in the film we see this. Next I remember the lift scene (which takes place at the hotel), BORING MAN follows WEIRD MAN (and the man and woman who he’s with) into a lift. They look at each other. WEIRD MAN gestures to BORING MAN that if he wants his help again (like he did before) all he needs to do is ask. Again, BORING MAN hesitates. WEIRD MAN then brutally kills the man and woman he was with, I believe it was with a gun. As the lift opens, BORING MAN runs, worried that the murder will be pinned on him. That’s all I remember

I have been almost certain that WEIRD MAN was played by John Malkovich, but having looked through ALL the films he’s ever been it seems as if I’m wrong. I can’t remember what BORING MAN looked like other than white and age 30-40, and has a very timid look about him.

I reckon this film was made any time between 2000-2014. I’d describe it as a drama/thriller, certainly NOT a horror. I am almost certain that that WEIRD MAN was played by a well-known actor, and again, I’m not so sure on the BORING MAN. Any ideas, guys??

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    1. YES you got it! I do remember watching Fargo, it was so good, especially Billy Bob Thornton’s performance. I can’t believe I remembered it as a film. Thanks.

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