Vampire movie possibly South American. Drac’ hiding behind door?

Hi, I’m trying to identify a vampire/Dracula movie that was featured on a late night weird film clip show from the 1990’s on UK T.V.

The film was in colour, featured a traditionally dressed Dracula/vampire.

A blonde girl runs in to a bedroom, trying to hide. As she closes the door behind her, we can see that Dracula/vamp was already in the room, hiding behind the door! Dracula gives the girl the hypno eyes, her (possibly yellow) negligee drops to the ground…… this is where the clip ended.

I half remember the voice over presenting the show saying the clip was from a South American movie, but this maybe my mind playing tricks on me. It had a Hammer vibe but know it is not a Hammer film.

Any suggestions / help greatly  appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Vampire movie possibly South American. Drac’ hiding behind door?

  1. Can you remember the name of the show, by any chance? I checked through a couple of episodes of the short-lived Mondo Rosso, but found nothing along those lines (and I had to sit through a Michael Winner interview).

  2. Unfortunately not. I thought it may have been one presented by Jonathan Ross, but have watched all the episodes of incredibly strange film show and similar, with no luck.
    I think the program may have featured graphic overlays on the clips, which may have been purple and yellow, but I may be misremembering this detail.
    Thanks for trying, apologies for the Michael Winner interview, no one should have to sit through that.

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