Torture a group of women to fight a mind reading alien/monster

  • I remember watching this really low budget indie film about an experiment where they were torturing and killing a group of women. Its pretty confusing all the way to the end, when there’s only one surviving woman and then she is sat in the same room with this monster. The twist of the movie was that this monster were everywhere, they could not feel fear, but then after it reads the woman minds then sees what humans are capable of and now fears them… or some like that. Pretty good twist when minutes before the ending, this fly looking thing shows up, and then it all makes sense.
  • Saw it sometime around 2006-2008
  • it was in english, surprisingly well acted
  • rented it at blockbuster
  • it was in color
  • The film was pretty gory. The name had something to do with fear or dread.
  • This movie saved our movie night after watching Mutant Chronicles and some other bad big budget movie. Please someone help me, Im trying tofind the movie so I can relive that night again XD

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