Thought this was Danny Cooksey

Saw this movie in the 90’s. I thought, still pretty sure, Danny Cooksey was in this movie but nothing comes up that looks like what I’m looking for.

Late teenager’s (who I though was Danny Cooksey) girlfriend is sexually assaulted. The boyfriend ends up in jail with the guy/guys that assaulted her. Honestly that’s all I remember of the movie. I feel like it had a Lifetime movie type vibe to it. It’s driving me nuts because I swear D.C. was the guy in the movie. In my mind that’s what he looks like. Thanks for any help!

4 thoughts on “Thought this was Danny Cooksey

    1. Yes!!! Wow I was pretty far off on my description. I was probably 10 or so when I saw it. But this is definitely it, thank you!

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