Think of black ink on white cardstock

This is a strange one but I am completely serious. I want to say it came out in early 2000’s before Youtube but I saw it on Youtube. It was a short black and white film about 15 minutes long. A man is narrating this story and I don’t know exactly what he says, but basically its about this roll of film. This roll of film came from the future and what is on it disturbs anyone who sees it. What’s on the film you ask well…it’s a documentary about a race of creatures that look like humans but upside down. Like butts are their faces so everything has been swapped except arms and legs. The film gets destroyed in a war and they recreate it and send it into outer space with a man a woman and a grizzly bear for some reason. Then they get sent back to the past to “Eden” and the film gets teleported to like the 1900’s. But the important thing about the ending is that the film that was made they put a tile on it. But when that roll of film traveled to the past the name was flipped backwards. And what ever the name flipped backwards was the name of the entire piece.

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