The Home? Sci-fi-ish TV movie early 1970s

A  new teacher arrives in a small rural town of conservative religious folk. They aren’t named Amish but they dress very similar.

It turns out that they are refugees from another planet and they have special powers. To avoid being feared and persecuted they keep it a secret. For example, to keep from accidentally levitating they walk with a shuffling gait always keeping their feet in contact with the ground. Different people in the village have different gifts telepathy, healing, etc. Although it is possible to obtain gifts you don’t have if someone gives it to you.

They refer to the planet as The Home and even the children who were born on Earth have embedded memories of this planet. The teacher learns all this and to learn more assigns an essay called I Remember The Home.

(No later than May 1974  because I remember which house I was living in when I watched it.)

4 thoughts on “The Home? Sci-fi-ish TV movie early 1970s

  1. This sounds like The People. It starred Kim Darby as the teacher and William Shatner was in there too. The kids had to shuffle so they wouldn’t levitate. It was a tv movie from 1972, and was directed by John Korty. One of my favorites too.

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