The dead girl helps catch the murderer somehow

Hello everybody. I was trying to remember the title of this movie that I was watching long time ago on TV. It was about this girl that gets murdered but it seems like her soul is traped in limbo or something like that and she keeps watching over the lives of her loved ones and helps them find out that she was murdered and catch let them know about the murder somehow. I remember that they actually don’t catch the murder in the movie, he moves to a diferent town when he realizes they are onto him but in the other town while he is stalking his next victim he dies because an icicle falls on his head and then after that I think after that he falls down a snowy slope getting injuried really bad and in the end getting traped underneath the snow.

Also I think ice and winter and maybe the other seasons is  like a theme used in the movie. I think the place in which the girl is after she dies was like a snow globe or a place made out of ice, and I think she was murdered on winter and when spring came some flowers bloomed in the house of the murderer (Who was a neighbour of the victim) and that helped them find out about the murder somehow. Also the murderer might have been a pedophile but I’m not to sure about that…. Thar’s pretty much what I remember about the movie I wish is enough for you guys to help me I really would like to watch it again.

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  1. just saw it come up on my e-mail.

    if casino rules apply in the case of a time-stamp tie, i’m cool with the point going to the House. 🙂

    1. No, you were legitimately in first according to the clock (by seconds). If I hadn’t taken time to link the Wikipedia page the house would have made it!

    1. You’re right, GG. Oh man. It’s so obvious that’s the movie but there’s no confirmation. Why did I think there was? LOL Sorry everyone.

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