Teenage Girl Kidnapped; Used to Procure Others

I am trying to track down a movie about a teenage girl who is kidnapped by a man who is a serial rapist and murderer. It is in American English, in color, and most likely was made in the late 1970s or early 80s. This might be a made-for-TV movie. I don’t know any of the actors.

There is an evil man who habitually kidnaps, tortures, rapes and kills teenage girls. He may have gotten some of them from shopping malls or parking structures. He is Caucasian and seems very “normal” looking. He knows the police are after him, so he moves around a lot and sometimes changes his appearance by growing or shaving his facial hair. He might wear a jean jacket or navy “trucker” jacket.

He kidnaps a Caucasian girl with shoulder length brown hair, and takes her somewhere private to rape her. However–and this is a big point in the movie–this particular girl had been previously sexually abused, so she does not respond to this rape as his other victims have. She “shuts down” during the assault, so he doesn’t get the desired thrill from it and thus he doesn’t kill her. He keeps her alive, trusting her enough to let her do some driving, and eventually uses her to help him procure another girl for him to rape and kill.

He picks out a girl with blonde curly hair, so the first girl befriends her, and then he kidnaps her too. But the first girl begs him not to kill the blonde girl, so instead he ties her tightly and dumps her in a ditch somewhere. The blonde girl is able to crawl to safety, attracting the attention of some people at a gas station (or someplace public). It’s good she did, because the man freaks out and makes the first girl go back so he can kill the blonde girl. But she’s already escaped–whew!

The scenes of the man and the brunette girl are interspersed with a female detective who is trying to solve the case, and another female she’s working with, who is perhaps a criminal profiler or a psychologist. It’s possible both the women are detectives, though, and the one is simply very good at understanding the motivations of evil people.

Eventually the man is caught, but I don’t know how. The first girl is reunited with her family at the end.

If you have any idea about what this movie could be, please let me know your guesses. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thank you!

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  1. My Goodness, sandnc! That is correct! Thank you for not only the correct answer, but your quick response. You totally rock!

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