Strange movie

I ‘ve seen a movie some years ago but I can’t remeber the title.

It was an american movie of around middle of 90’s. No famous actors (at least I didn’t know them).

The plot was apoximately: Two or three different stories connected 1) A man hits somebody with his car while driving in desert, maybe arizona or nevada. The injured later dies. 2) A bus carrying some students in the same desert  breaks down. The students while waiting, are going on the nearby rocks where they are killed or die by accident one after the other. 3) The first man who killed the other man with his car, is going to a house where he meet a woman who is waiting for her husband (the one that has been killed). They later have sex together and in the end it is revealed that the woman is the mother of the man. So this man, killed his father by accident and then slept with his mother without knowing it.

If sombody can help with the title of the movie I would appriciate it.

Thank you in advance

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