Strange movie on IFC


I am looking for the name of this strange movie I watched years ago. (probably 2006-2010)

The movie was in English, on IFC and in Color.

The plot was very weird but from what I can remember it started with a Fat girl/lady who hated her life. She at one point runs away and lies on a rock. A guy in a truck stops and has sex with her. From that point she is pregnant and soon gives birth to her daughter named Candy/Candi.

The movie continues to show that the lady is miserable and wants to be a icon or famous or a model. Eventually her next door neighbors or some people she knows use her for murders and crimes and make it seem like they are agents and she is doing art or “preforming”. Eventually I think Candy/Candi is killed off by her mom. The neighbor people go on trial to convict the main character of her crimes, the main character is killed off by the electric chair.

I know this is rather vague but I hope this is enough information. This is all I can remember.

Thanks for any help.

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