Spanish (?) movie, woman’s life drama

Hi!  Trying to remember a movie, I believe it was released in late 2000’s ( maybe between 2005 and 2016). It’s a drama. The movie has a bright beautiful color palette.

I guess the whole action took place in Spain, but I might be wrong (Portugal, Italy?). The movie starts with the scene in a train where the main character (the actress reminds Halle Berry a bit, but was not her) is heading to another city to teach children in a school, in the train she meets a man, they make love and get off the train separately. After several months we see she is pregnant and getting back to her home city. Somehow she finds the man, they get marry, live in his house with his old maid, who doesn’t like the main character. The man has a female friend, who is an extravagant artist (and his mistress of course, she dies later from cancer). We see the family after several years, daughter is 9-11. years old, wife and husband have an argument and he goes to the see in his boat, unfortunately, he dies in a storm. Several years later we see that the woman (main character) and her daughter don’t seem to be close and in a while the daughter runs away with her female friend. The main character celebrates her daughter’s birthday every year but cannot find or contact her. Once she meets her daughter’s friend by accident, and she tells that her daughter lives in Italy by lake Como (?), has several kids. The movie ends with the scene: the main character receives a letter from her daughter, where she says that she lost one of her children (drowned in a lake) and she is missing her (the mother, main character).

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